College of resource and environmental engineering, Guizhou University


The College of resources and environmental engineering of Guizhou University combines the needs of science, technology and talents in the economic construction and social development of southwest karst area in China, takes discipline construction and social service as the starting point, team and base construction as the carrier, and student training quality as the goal, and effectively carries out the work of talent training, scientific research and social service. After nearly 60 years of construction and development in the departments of geology, resources engineering and resources and environment engineering of Guizhou Institute of Technology (Guizhou University of Technology), the college has become a teaching and research college with high integration of Geoscience, geological engineering, environmental engineering and science related disciplines, significant regional characteristics and certain social influence.

At present, the college has 101 faculty members (including 14 professors, 28 associate professors, 12 doctoral supervisors, 3 provincial management experts, 2 provincial excellent scientific and technological talents, and 2 provincial hundred level talents). 65% of full-time teachers have doctoral degrees.

The college is one of the three key disciplines of 211 phase of Guizhou University, the key discipline construction project of the central and Western China promotion plan, the national key construction discipline of one province, one university and the first-class discipline construction units. At present, the college has four teaching departments of Geoscience, geological engineering, environmental science and engineering, hydrology and groundwater engineering, and six undergraduate majors including resource exploration engineering, exploration technology and engineering, hydrology and water resource engineering, environmental science, environmental engineering, geographic information science, among which the resource exploration engineering is a demonstration undergraduate major in Guizhou Province and an outstanding engineer in Guizhou Province Training program major. The college has five complete undergraduate teaching laboratories, Guizhou University chemical and environmental research and testing center, guida zhengxia Joint Engineering Testing Technology Center, and 800 sets of various experimental equipment (sets) of nearly 34 million yuan.

The college has three master's degree authorization points (including 12 second level master's degree authorization points) of geology, geological resources and geological engineering, environmental science and engineering, and two professional master's degree authorization points of geological engineering and environmental engineering. Geology, geological resources and geological engineering, environmental science and Engineering) is a provincial key (characteristic) discipline. At the same time, it has four key laboratories of karst environment and geological disaster of the Ministry of land and resources, four provincial key laboratories, provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, one national popular science education base, 29 teaching practice bases and practice teaching bases inside and outside the University, and the existing provincial-level ones Two innovation teams for scientific and technological talents. This series of innovative platforms of combination of production, learning and research has become an important training base for senior professional and technical personnel in mineral resources exploration, geological engineering, hydrogeology, environmental science and engineering, hydrology and water resources and other fields in Southwest China and our province.

After years of efforts, the college has obvious advantages and characteristics in the fields of Paleontology and stratigraphy, exploration and evaluation of dominant sedimentary mineral resources, engineering geology and disaster prevention and control in karst mountain areas, process and control of mine environmental pollution, ecological restoration and reconstruction of karst environment, karst water resources and water environment, etc. Since 2013, the college has obtained more than 130 National Natural Science Funds, provincial natural science funds and other vertical projects, and nearly 1000 social service projects (solid mineral exploration and overburden assessment, geological disaster assessment and prevention, water and soil conservation, environmental impact assessment, environmental governance, environmental monitoring, cleaner production audit assessment / acceptance, energy conservation assessment, resource audit, etc.), The scientific research projects presided over and participated in won one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes of Guizhou Provincial Science and technology progress. Teachers and students published more than 400 papers and 8 academic monographs.

Graduates of the college can work in mineral resources exploration and development, exploration, design and construction of various construction projects (road engineering, underground and Tunnel Engineering), environmental protection and pollution control (environmental monitoring and environmental management), survey, design and planning of hydrology and water resources, application, development and technical research of Geographic information system, etc. for many years, graduates of the college have become The backbone of relevant enterprises, industries and departments has made positive contributions to the national economic construction and development.